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Types of caravan insurance

Some people are lucky and get much more time to drive their caravan further than others. Some people are stuck at work, or aren't quite as enthusiastic when the weather isn't cooperating so they don't tend to travel as far, or as often. How does this affect your caravan insurance policy?

  • >> We can help you with all these questions - our forms are very clear and easy to follow.

  • >> You'll be asked to estimate how many miles you'll be driving your caravan each year. At this stage, just come up with a rough guess - if you look like you're going to exceed the figure you stated, you just need to contact the company you go with and let them know

  • >> You'll also get asked a couple of basic questions about which type of caravan you have, which means that the cover will be tailored to the most appropriate value

Are you properly protected?

Make sure that if you're towing a touring caravan, or if you're the owner of a static caravan, that you've got the right kind of insurance.

Check the terms of your insurance carefully - some companies require the driver to have passed a Car and Trailer practical test, whereas others may not. It's also important to check that there aren't any age restrictions, and that you're covered should you head into Europe!

>> We can provide static or touring caravan quotes!

Lowering caravan insurance premiums

We'll be honest, the cost of insuring your caravan is certainly not going to be insignificant for most people!

That's why insurance sites, such as ours, are so popular - they make the process of comparing dozens, or even hundreds, of companies totally automatic, bringing power back into the hands of the consumer. Yahoo!

Conducting a Comparison is Really Important to Save Money!

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